Our Big Vision

"To bring revival to Bowmanville and beyond."

We intend to celebrate the Gospel every chance we get.

We intend to pursue personal revival in order that it might permeate the home, the Church and culture. We have defined revival as a, "Radical return to the standard of Scripture and a relentless reformation of our attitudes and actions to conform to the standard."

We believe that the family is the bedrock of society. We contend that, "As goes the father, so goes the family; as goes the family, so goes the culture."

We intend to experience family transformation because we believe that it will perpetuate revival and transform society.

We celebrate the Gospel, pursue revival and transform families through a variety of programs onsite, online, in groups and in society.

7 Core Doctrines

  • We believe that the Bible is the verbally inspired Word of God and without mistakes as originally written. It is the complete revelation of His will for salvation and the only unfailing rule of faith and practice for the Christian life.

  • We believe in one God, Creator of all things, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and that these three are co-eternal and of equal dignity and power.

  • We believe in the deity of Jesus Christ; His miraculous conception by the Holy Spirit; His virgin birth; His sinless life; His substitutionary death on a cross; His bodily resurrection; His ascension to the right hand of the Father; and His personal, imminent return.

  • We believe that man was created by and for God; that by man's disobeying God, every person incurred spiritual death, which is separation from God, and physical death as a consequence; and that all people are sinners by nature and practice.

  • We believe the Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins and was raised from the dead to offer us new life and that all who believe in Him are declared righteous because of His sacrificial death and His life-giving resurrection are, therefore, in the right relationship with God.

  • We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit indwelling all believers and thus enabling and empowering the life and ministry of the believer.

  • We believe in the bodily resurrection of everyone who has lived, the everlasting blessedness of those in right relationship with God, and the everlasting punishment of those who have rejected God's forgiveness and new life in His Son.

What We Believe About Gender

We believe and preach God that designed and created humanity with two distinct sexes, male and female, determined by genetics. This design is ongoing and reflects the image and likeness of God, with each sex uniquely bearing God's image.

Due to human sin and brokenness, our experience of with sex and gender is not always that which God the Creator originally designed. In light of this foundational understanding of creation, fall, and redemption, we will avoid any behaviour or alignment with identity that contradicts what the bible clearly teaches.

As a church we support the dignity of individual persons by affirming their biological sex and discouraging any and all attempts to physically change, alter, or disagree with their predominant biological sex—including but not limited to elective sex-reassignment, transvestite, transgender, or nonbinary “genderqueer” acts or conduct.

What We Believe About Human Sexuality

We believe and preach that sexual acts outside of marriage are prohibited as sinful. Sexual acts outside of marriage include but are not limited to adultery, fornication, incest, bestiality, pornography, prostitution, voyeurism, pedophilia, exhibitionism, sodomy, polygamy, polyamory, or same-sex sexual acts.

Liberty Church teaches that sexual temptations, including same-sex temptations, are to be resisted. Any and all same-sex sexual acts or conduct are intrinsically disordered.

What We Believe About Marriage

Marriage is between one man and woman for life. A marriage takes place through a ceremony that is recognized by the Church and legally sanctioned by the state.

Marriage establishes a "one-flesh" relationship that goes beyond a physical union and is more than either a temporary relationship of convenience intended to provide personal pleasure or a contract that binds two people together in a legal partnership. Marriage establishes an emotional and spiritual oneness that enables both partners to respond to the spiritual, physical and social needs of the other. It provides the biblical context for the procreation of children.

Marriage is to be an exclusive relationship that is maintained in purity. It is intended by God to be a permanent relationship. It is a witness to the world of the relationship between Christ and His church.

Marriage requires a commitment of love, perseverance and faith. Because of its sanctity and permanence, marriage should be treated with seriousness and entered into only after counsel and prayer for God's guidance.

Christians should marry only those who are believers. An individual who becomes a believer after marriage should remain with his/her partner in peace, and should give witness to the Gospel in the home.

The Bible holds family life as a position of trust and responsibility. The home is a stabilizing force in society, a place of nurture, counsel, and safety for children.